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All the top video marketing strategies or tools employed by brands today, Videos have graduated from being an ordinary way of displaying all your content; it is now a successful way for brands to influence and educate their customers. The most preferred one is the online marketing strategy.

Lately, videos have drastically outshone other forms of content in engaging site visitors and driving more sales. Its role in generating traffic to the sites cannot be overstated.

According to HubSpot’s recent study, four of the top 6 channels, where international consumers watch video clips, are popular networks such as YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, and Instagram.

With up to 4,000,000,000 individuals watching videos, mostly on Facebook and YouTube, there is a considerably high impact created on social media networks!

If individuals worldwide spend roughly 6 hours streaming videos on different platforms throughout their day, you can visualize what the future of video marketing would be!

Today, it is also economical to create your videos for your digital marketing strategy, as there is a wide range of smartphones available with which you can shoot high-quality, 4K videos.

However, video marketing is vast, and there are many factors to consider, from camera gadgets to lighting to editing tools.

That is why we have created this guide for you to learn everything about video marketing and the trendy tools to supplement your online marketing strategy.



Video marketing is the advertisement for services or products via videos.

The purpose of this strategy is to boost engagement on sites and social media networks and to render the actual use of services or products to a target audience.

In a nutshell, it is the act of developing an effective video clip for any service or product and sharing it across your social media network to gain more traffic and sales.

It is also a medium for reaching your audience and educating your customers about your brand and the products and services you offer.

Remember that your efforts are incomplete until the goods get to the final customer

Furthermore, there are various kinds of videos that can be used in a video marketing strategy, but the most common and significant types are educational, brand awareness, and engagement-building.



A survey conducted by Wyzowl affirmed that:

  • 72% of organizations believe that video marketing has boosted their website’s conversion rate
  • 76% of the organizations using video marketing in their strategies believe that it leads to a reasonable ROI.
  • 93% of organizations believe that video marketing boosts user knowledge of their service or product.

Here are some of the reasons why video marketing is gaining importance:

1. Easy to understand:

It’s not just the organizations that are eager to use a video marketing strategy; customers are also enthusiastic about receiving marketing messages from their favorite brands in video form.

According to HubSpot research, more than 50% of consumers prefer video over other forms of messaging from a brand.

2. Easy to boost engagement:

Videos have upgraded how brands interact with their customers. They’ve changed how a brand sells, how customers buy, and how service teams retain engagements with the end-consumers.

3. Highly beneficial:

Organizations now utilize videos on the homepage of their websites to explain how their products and services work.

They use an online video editor to create video content posted on their social media content (for audience engagement), emails (for marketing campaigns support), and even blogs (to attract more visitors to the site).

Out of them, 83% consider their landing page explainer videos as effective, 78% perceive video on social media as the perfect scheme, and 80% believe emails with video content attract the actual ROI.

For these reasons, the rate at which video marketing is gaining importance today is very dramatic.



Below is a shortlist of the top video marketing tool you can use for an effective online marketing strategy:

1. Shakr

This is an online video editor and production tool designed to perform branding and marketing quickly.

It supports social media sharing, privacy options, video duplication, brand overlay, and much more.

2. VideoScribe

This is a dynamic and accessible platform for making high-class whiteboard videos and animations without any limitations.

These compelling videos and animations help you create videos that will help your audience connect with your brand.

3. InVideo

This is an online video editor tool that helps you personalize your videos. It has over 4000 pre-made templates with customizable options in terms of colors, images, speed adjustment, and style.

This is the best online video editor tool it also allows instant conversion of an article or blog into an engaging video with its text-to-video tool

4. Videoshop

Videoshop is one of the easiest and fastest video editor tools with insightful editing tools to make personalized videos.

It is accessible on Android devices, iPad, and iPhones.

5. Viewbix

This tool functions as a video interaction and analytics platform that delivers accurate results.

It helps users discover what kind of content resonates with their viewers and improves the viewer’s experience.

6. Wistia

Wistia is a video marketing tool that enables video SEO for augmented traffic and engaged leads.

It allows video customization for multiple social media platforms.

7. Wideo

Here is an animation tool for brands to whip up promo and online marketing videos within minutes.

It is suitable for creating all kinds of videos for different platforms.

8. Vidyard

This is considered a unique video marketing tool that enables the download and upload of videos directly to your social media networks.

It provides you with sharing options and also an analytics dashboard to track your video performance.

9. Powtoon

It is an intuitive and easy tool for producing unique videos in a short span. You can create videos that will engage, captivate, and educate your consumers with this tool.

10. Filmora

This is another video editor for beginners. It provides you with diverse effects, customization, and styles in videos.

11.Hippo Video

This video distribution and personalization platform include helpful features like video hosting, email campaigns, video selling, personalization, and ABM (Account-Based Marketing).

12. Animaker

This tool is super accessible with features including drag-drop, edit, click-choose, and play. It features over 30,000+ templates for quick video creation. It provides you with some smart effects and illustration features for making educational videos.

13. Vidgeos

This is a video online marketing and creation tool. It makes it easy to create animations and videos using this tool.

You don’t even need to be an expert online video editor to use this tool.

14. Video Marketing Blaster

To rank #1 on Google’s first page without developing backlinks and having any SEO experience, Video Marketing Blaster is the ultimate tool.

With smart effects, edit features, drag-drop, and play buttons, you can create any video and market it simultaneously using this tool.


This video-making, editing, and online marketing tool allows you to develop professional videos quickly.

You get access to thousands of editable templates to create customized videos that you can market quickly across various social media platforms.


Bear in mind that although there are a variety of tools to create interesting videos, one crucial element in making video content is keeping it straightforward.

This makes the video content appear more exclusive, authentic, and engaging, and that is what your audience cares about the most.

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Although there might be slight differences, it is the most preferred video online marketing tool and it has so many features, including and not limited to generating leads via email capture, enhancing video online marketing statistics, and much more.